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September 4 2000 gnomerar-0.5.0
  •     Updated to Romanian translations
  •     Added support for gunzip/gzip archives
  •     Fixed configuration file

    August 8 2000 gnomerar-0.4.5
  •      Fixed some other bugs in directory browsing function
  •      Fixed pixmap path error. gnomeRAR failed to run when compiled
  •      with default path due to an hardcoded variable.

    August 3 2000 gnomerar-0.4.4
  •      Fixed a bug when reading/opening archives in other
  •      partitions, that made gnomerar throw segfaults.

    July 8 2000 gnomerar-0.4.3
  •      This realease was needed for urgently fixin the bugs in
  •      selecting and deselecting functions that made gnomerar
  •      to act strange and to create error in archives even segs faults

    Jully 8 2000 gnomerar-0.4.2
  •      Added drag'n'drop for rar archives. Gnome rar will open any
  •      rar archive file that is dragged into gnomerar clist.
  •      Updated to Spanish translations
  •      Added recurse directory in creating of archives

    June 28 2000 gnomerar-0.4.1
  •      Fixed some realy serious bugs with checkin of rar
  •      and config file handling path

    June 3 2000 gnomerar-0.4.0
  •      Fixed various interface bugs
  •      Changed directory entry widget
  •      Fixed bugs in view function & selection function

    May 25 2000 gnomerar-0.3.8
  •      Updated to German translations
  •      Fixed progress bar bug in previous versions

    May 2000 gnomerar-0.3.7
  •      Fixed some minimal bugs

    May 14 2000 gnomerar-0.3.6
  •      Added directory alphasort sorting. Still buggy

    May 1 2000 gnomerar-0.3.3
  •      Added current directory widget
  •      Fixed resize of main window

    Apr 21 2000 gnomerar-0.3.0
  •      Added the feature of password file locking archives and processing with password
  •      Added support for different dictionary size, and different compresion levels
  •      Added creation of volumed archives
  •      Fixed rar path, now rar path can be specified in Settings/Properties
  •      Fixed minor bugs in dir handling
  •      Added icons to the clist

    Apr 19 2000 gnomerar-0.2.5
  •      Added creation of SFX archives, default.sfx file should be put in /usr/bin

    Apr 18 2000 gnomerar-0.2.4
  •      Fixed a stoopid bug in extracting and deleting scripts

    Apr 17 2000 gnomerar-0.2.3
  •      Fixed deletion of multiple files from archive
  •      Added archive comments handling functions
  •      Added testing of archives
  •      Change path to rar archiver ... normaly rar path's should be in /usr/bin/rar
  •      Fixed extension adding to rar files problem

    Apr 13 2000 gnomerar-0.2.2
  •      Added procesing of archive after it has been created.
  •      Anoter bugs fixed in directory handling functions
  •      Fixed check for rar function ... still needs work ... rar my be present in other directories too.

    Apr 12 2000 gnomerar-0.2.1
  •      Minor bugs fixed in directory handling functions

    Apr 11 2000 gnomerar-0.2.0
  •      Added reading of directories at startup

    Apr 9 2000 gnomerar-0.2.0
  •      Fixed creating of archive : now created archive is readed automaticaly after create
  •      Added checking for existance of rar

    Apr 3 2000
  •      Added creating of rar archives
  •      Made progress bar work & fixed some stoopid bugs in it
  •      Fixed bug in number ofselected files from max. 150 to unlimited

    Apr 2 2000
  •      First time Gnomerar was resleased on the net at
  •      - quite buggy version (supported only a few features at
  •      that time like : extracting,viewing, delete & view - were
  •      quite buggy.